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As summer well and truly gets underway in Aberdeenshire I’m delighted to bring you my next blog. It’s been a busy few months here at C&C Photography with wedding bookings and outdoor photoshoots taking centre stage.

I promised this time round to delve into the nitty gritty of what takes place during a photoshoot and tell you more about what takes place behind the scenes. An average outdoor photoshoot lasts up to an hour and when it comes to families, parks make a perfect location and provide lots to keep younger children occupied. I aim to take a range of pictures varying from formal to playful to really capture that range of emotions.

For indoor photoshoots such as pet sessions I welcome clients to my studio where I have a range of backdrops and lighting and we discuss what colours will work best. I always advise to take your dog’s favourite toys for that little bit of bribery and to help them relax in a new space.

Whether it’s families or pets, when taking pictures the best shots are always the natural and relaxed ones. At the start of a session I always aim to get to know my clients, and the best advice as a photographer I can give any client is to have fun and enjoy the experience! For family photoshoots I always recommend bringing hobbies into the equation; whether that might be bringing along a rugby ball, football strip or any other sporting equipment to capture what you enjoy doing together.

Following a photoshoot what you don’t see is the editing process. Here I review all the images removing duplications or zooming in to pictures to spot inadvertent blinking. I can also remove blemishes or any special requirements of the client. During some sessions I can take up to 400 photographs and I whittle these down to provide the best images.

My summer diary is filling fast so please do get in touch for bookings. Now is the perfect time to capture those beach memories, garden parties, or forest walks on camera. In my next blog in August I will be telling you all about newborn photography as I embark on an exciting new course this month. I can’t wait to reveal more!


As I celebrate the launch of my new website this week it felt like a great time to tell you a little bit more about me and my journey to becoming a photographer. Getting to know my clients allows me to personalise photoshoots and really bring out the best of you and your family, but I think it’s equally important for you to get to know me.

My interest in photography stemmed from childhood; my grandpa John – a retired photographer – used to take pictures of distilleries in Scotland. I remember him telling me in the future everything would turn “digital” and one day there would be no need for photographers. While he was right about going digital, now more than ever there is a need for photographers to capture those special moments, in a world where we are all so busy and don’t want to be watching life’s adventures through a mobile phone.

After working in offices for a number of years and welcoming my three children Shannon, Tyler and Christian, in 2014 I was bought my first Canon DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera as a Christmas gift. My children and my former dog Rambo, a beautiful German Shepherd, were my favourite subjects – and combined with my love of horses – I was soon being asked to take pictures for others. 

In the same year I undertook my first photography course, and in 2015 I launched C&C Photography. I offer family and pet portraits, wedding photography, and new for 2021 newborn photoshoots. As a mum and lover of animals and the outdoors I love capturing those special candid moments, the smiles and joy, and those seconds in time that provide lifelong memories. The best photographs are the relaxed ones and that’s why I strive to make photoshoots as enjoyable and fun as possible for children, adults and pets. 

Now as the spring flowers start to bloom and as coronavirus lockdown restrictions ease, have you thought about combining a photoshoot with a family trip to the park? And for those colder Scottish days I can welcome you to my warm fully equipped studio in Aberdeenshire. I am also taking bookings for weddings which are already filling up fast. 

On a parting note, I’m going to let you into a little secret… I have always been shy about having my own photo taken and definitely prefer being on the other side of the camera. So if the thought of having your photograph taken sounds a little daunting – I can absolutely relate. But don’t let that hold you back from capturing those moments in time; contact me for a friendly informal chat where we can discuss exactly how to create the perfect, relaxed photoshoot for you and your family. And I promise you don’t have to say “cheese”!

Look out for my next blog in June where I will be delving into the nitty gritty of what takes place during a photoshoot, my tips for nailing the shot and what goes on behind the scenes as I edit your pictures. I will also be bringing you some fun summer photoshoot ideas. Talk soon!