My studio premises are beautifully nestled within the grounds of Cluny Estate, Aberdeenshire which gives us the option of splitting your photography session into an indoor session with various backdrops and props and some stunning woodland and open space outdoors.  Tea or coffee and biscuits are available and if you are lucky enough to time it well with Sweet Bee Bakes who operate from the same building, a sweet treat might be waiting for you!

Parking and WC provided.


As restrictions start to ease and we are hopefully on our way back to some kind of normality, we still need to air on the side of caution so when booking in for a studio session, it is expected that hygiene protocol will be adhered to.  Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are provided on site.


How long will my session last for?

It depends on the type of session. Generally families and pets take around an hour. Babies can last up to 4 hours. 

What do I wear?

Colours change throughout the year for outdoor sessions so what you wear will depend on the season. I can assist you with ideas.

Where is your Studio?

My Studio premises is shared with my amazing daughter who started her wee baking business during the 1st lockdown. We are situated within the Cluny Estate near Cluny Castle. We are lucky to have some amazing forestry backdrops for if you want to combine an indoor studio session with an outdoor session. 

How much will a session cost?

There are various packages starting from £149 Please see my packages page.